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Design studio
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    • Drawlines takes pride in being a provider of not just excellent drafting services, but also matchless interior design solutions. From revamping a single room to refurbishing a complete residential property, our group of qualified designers has solutions for projects small and large alike. We offer both ready-to-use/install solutions, as well as bespoke services like made-to-measure window treatments, and supplementary services such as carpet fitting and building work.
    • The ‘Free Design Consultation’ is another offering that sets us apart in this vertical. For interior design assignments, we offer a 'By Room' or 'Whole House' plan to suit customer requirements. The 'By Room' service is perfect for projects that involve one or two rooms, while the ‘Whole House’, option is appropriate for projects involving more than two rooms
    • Besides interior decoration, we offer interior rendering services that gives clients an up-close, realistic view of the interior of a home. This helps create a better idea of the property after décor elements and furniture have been added, and aids in investment decision process. The rendering is done using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), and hence, can be used to create multiple interiors for the same property, to suit the choice of diverse buyers.
    • A few other services that we offer in this segment include:
    • Design Consultation
    • Interior Architecture
    • 3D Visualization
    • Interior Decoration
    • Design Supervision